New York Magazine's Best of 07

New York Magazine features its top ten pieces of architecture in New York (and Connecticut) from 2007. Number one is the building of the moment, the New Museum. The rest of Justin Davidson's list is a bit predictable, but it does illustrate the quality and breadth of buildings, interiors, projects, and exhibitions produced in and for the city and why the place is appealing for residents and visitors alike.

Hell, Yes!

"Green roofs sprouted in the South Bronx, the Glass House opened wide, bus shelters got chic, Frank Gehry finally built something in New York, Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs kissed and made up (after a fashion), and a gauzy aluminum museum rose shimmering over the Bowery." [link]


  1. This has definitely got to be the top 10.I could not imagine otherwise.These structures emphasizes on the level of freedom Architecture has established from being a set of standards to becoming an independent form of art.


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