Today's archidose #162

Lucy Daniels Foundation and Preschool in Cary, North Carolina by Clark and Menefee, 1992.

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  1. Clark and Menefee created quite "honest" unpretentious buildings. I would recommend picking up a copy of their book by Richard Jensen and reading "Writings" by WG Clark, an fine reflection considering American Architecture and landscape.

  2. Thanks for choosing this shot. I'm glad this building is getting some exposure, as I find it quite interesting and little known, even in the local area. A few of my professors worked very closely with Clark and Menefee on the project, so I get to hear about it often. Glad a few others will see it now, as-well.


    Miller Taylor

  3. This school is one of my favorite projects, one that influenced my professional work on public schools. Here's a review I did of the book by Jensen. Highly recommended.


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