Storefront Books

On January 23, "to reinforce the gallery’s ongoing commitment to generate dialogue and collaboration across geographic, ideological and disciplinary boundaries," the Storefront for Art and Architecture opened a "curated micro-bookshop."

The store is comprised of three sections: books selected by key figures in the Storefront's past and present, an artists' book series published by Centre for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu in Japan, and books and other material related to exhibitions held at the space.

The store is added to my NYC Bookstores post, accessible via the sidebar under "series".

(via Dwell Blog)


  1. I stopped by the Storefront after posting this and was a bit disappointed to see that Mr. Holl's selection is comprised wholly of monographs on his Holliness. The other key figures at least took the time to choose books -- by, ya know, other people -- that didn't inflate the ego so obviously.


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