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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wanna Work for OMA?

If not, this'll try to pull ya in:

(via Archinect)


  1. Is that video supposed to make me want to work for OMA? Being the rubbernecker that I am, I admit I watched it.. but (language issues aside) did anything in it really have anything to say? I love a good portion of their work but I want that 7 minutes of my life back.

    Unless time at OMA actually moves as fast as that video suggests I'll keep my current job thanks! ;)

  2. Obviously it is just a promotional video, but I think it might very well capture the atmosphere of daily life at such an international office.

    As a Belgian - and a southern neighbour of the OMA-people - OMA is a dream, a beautiful example of a succesful and creative agency.

    Nevertheless, I don't think working for an international firm is a goal on itself. But correct me if I'm wrong.

    Shout if you'd like a translation of what the Italian/American girl says/.

  3. I thought it was attractively done, and if I were 30 years younger, setting out in a design/ architecture career, a promo like this would pique my interest for sure.

    Something I found odd, from a strictly personal p.o.v.: I speak German, but not Dutch or Flemish, yet I found that I understood 99.5% of what Christina (?) Murphy (the woman with the Italian mother and American father) said, while I understood nearly nothing of what the receptionist said. I'm assuming that the former learned the language formally, as a second language; while the latter is a native speaker. It just struck me as weird that my (German) language's cognates came through loud and clear with Ms. Murphy speaking Dutch (which I don't know), but got hopelessly blurred (for my ear) with the natural speaker.

    I guess there aren't any implications for the "language" of architecture, ...but then again, it makes you wonder what all gets lost in translation...!


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