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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Firm Faces #7

STL Architects is "a collaborative group of design professionals with a common vision and a passion for architecture, planning, and design...led by Luis Collado, Jose Luis de la Fuente and Tracy Susanne Salvia" with 15 professionals. They "believe that good architecture evolves through humble, team-based efforts."


Their studio shot is a collage of black and white shots from the knees up on a bright orange background. Clicking on each person's name, one sees torso shots of each removed from the pack. I'm guessing the consistent treatment of their photos and the background conveys the humble, team-based nature of the studio.

What I like most about the studio page is not necessarily the clever composition -- something that enables them to add and subtract people, as necessary -- but the fact that each person has a page with a description. While this may seem to be in conflict with the team-based nature that the studio wishes to convey to potential clients, it is an unavoidable part of any professional office: it is composed of people and those individuals are important.

On a side note, that the contact information for each person is a phone extension instead of an e-mail address seems anachronistic at first, but ultimately it reinforces the importance of human contact


  1. I love this feature firm faces and think it's high time for another installment

  2. mad - Yes, I agree. I jotted down a note a couple weeks ago to start this up again. Thanks for the reminder.


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