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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today's archidose #177

Berlin, originally uploaded by jmtp.

The AEG Turbine Hall in Berlin, Germany by Peter Behrens (1908). I couldn't resist posting this photo, considering the book I'm reading.

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  1. I was there some weeks ago, still very impressive building, I tried to sneak in but didn't succed :(.

    Good choice.

  2. that book is a horrible read.

    important, but horrible.

  3. This building shows the times of 1908. It is clever design, but has that older look. The columns going up the side make me think that this building is a rich factory of some sort.

  4. Essential (but kinda depressing)architecture. Every architectural history book that's about the 20th century starts with this building.

  5. i've never read it, and the comments here don't make me want to read it... behrens intrigues me. just knowing that mies, gropius AND le corbusier studied/worked under his supervision is strange enough. let us know what you think of the book, john.

    ah, and jmtp takes beautiful pictures, always!

  6. A little over a third of the way through Banham's book, I'll admit it's not as "fun" a read as his book on LA or Architecture and the Well-Tempered environment. It lacks the fluidity and "ease" of those.

    Not having read the book in undergrad, I'm realizing that the teaching of modern architecture in school was pretty much based on Banham's take. So in effect I read it without really reading it. I'll agree with anonymous that it's important, though if it's horrible remains to be seen...I'll probably have a review posted one of these days...


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