UN Studio's VilLA NM Destroyed in Fire

The Time Herald Record Online reports, "A hilltop home that was featured in The New York Times was destroyed last night [February 5] by a roaring, smoky fire with blue and orange flames." The house, located in Bethel in upstate New York is the VilLA NM by Dutch architects UN Studio. The house was completed just last year.

[Times Herald-Record/MICHELE HASKELL | image source]

A more recent report indicates that the cause of the fire, which firefighters battled for three hours, is still unknown. Nobody was hurt in the blaze, as the owner in New York City at the time.

[photograph by Christian Richters | image source]

For more images of the completed building before its untimely fate, see the New York Times slide show of the project they dubbed Astrohome, Record Houses, and noticias arquitectura.

(Many thanks to Gerard Damiani for tipping me off to this news.)


  1. omgoodness... that really sucks. that was one of the coolest house ever.

  2. This really is a shame, Who knows, maybe it was the work of a "arch" nemesis.

  3. the fact that a destroyed contemporary architecture from the fire makes news is interesting. In the end they are our monuments…

  4. Sorry for the owners, but it does solve the problem of the curvy interstitial space between the stairs.

  5. how many great works of architecture have been destroyed before this time of excessive documentation and record keeping that are now lost forever...

  6. Although I'm not a big fan of the architecture of my fellow countryman, it's supersad to see architecture in a state like that.

  7. shoking! we're used to study architectural milestones on books... there will be a new one, a contemporary one!

  8. the home was fairly lame anyway.

    yay a mobius strip house

    it was an environmental failure, overly complicated for the sake of design. burn burn burn.


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