Watercube Opens

Architect Chris Bosse (now: Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA)) shares these photographs of the Watercube (aka National Swimming Center) in Beijing, China by PTW/CCDI/Arup, which recently made its official opening with "The Good Luck Beijing" Open.

[Watercube in the foreground with Herzog & de Meuron's "Bird's Nest" beyond | photograph by Chris Bosse]

[Watercube right and Bird's Nest left | photograph by Chris Bosse]

[Watercube at night; compare with the project rendering of the same view | photograph by Chris Bosse]

[Closer view of the ETFE facade | photograph by Chris Bosse]

[Inside the "bubbles" | photograph by Chris Bosse]

[The bright interior | photograph by Chris Bosse]

More photos are available on Chris's Flickr set (with more on the rest of Flickr). Many thanks to Chris for sharing!


  1. Pretty damn cool. I love the 'randomness' of the 'bubbles'.

  2. Nice building. But it's clear that it's designed with the nightimage in mind.

  3. Yeah, in the daytime, the Watercube has an unfortunate resemblance to a mattress.

    Actually, I do think the buildings are beautiful and visionary--but only when I try not to think the conditions under which they were built, by all available accounts, have been fairly dangerous and miserable for construction workers.

  4. good architecture is always a painful task for contractors

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  6. i love bubble!that's a real good architecture structure.
    i take this picture and put on my blog.i will also link you.
    great website
    love mary

  7. You can see even more in the exhibition coming to Cincinnati from the V&A in London called China Design Now - opens this October. Check it out www.cincinnatiartmuseum.org.


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