Aqua Update

It seems like ages since I've posted about Studio Gang's exciting Aqua project, a hotel/residential high-rise in the Lakeshore East development in Chicago. So it was great surprise to see some updated images in an architectureyp post, taken from Studio Gang's web site.

[Rendering looking west across the Park at Lakeshore East | image source]

This view is the first I've seen that illustrates the entry from Columbus Avenue, with a new road (interactive site plan of Lakeshore East) providing access to the development:
[Rendering looking SE | image source]

This close-up shows that all-too-important element, the guardrails:
[Close-up rendering showing railings | image source]

I'm guessing from the timestamp below that these construction photos are all from last month, showing about ten floor of the hotel poured, and a floor of window wall already installed:
[Construction shot | image source]

The underside of the concrete slabs is another important facet of the project, one more dependent upon the quality of construction than the design:
[Construction shot | image source]

A cool shot in a winter storm:
[Construction shot | image source]

I'm hoping that Studio Gang continues to post updated images on their web site, for those of us unable to track Aqua's progress in person. It's one of the most unique American high-rises to come along in a while, and the only one to get me excited about a building type (the skyscraper) that I usually don't care too much about.


  1. this project is quite amazing, especially that it is actually getting built. like your comment above, it renews my interest in what skyscrapers could be [or become].

    excellent images. thanks.

  2. i agree that the design is spectactular but what about the appropriateness of the concrete slabs extending out past the exterior wall in the colder Chicago climate? Some serious thermal bridging.

  3. to get updated photos go to or and search their project construction threads

    usually pictures are only 1-2 days old for most high publicity projects around the world

  4. I figured Emporis would have construction photos with their annoying watermark (as they do), but forgot about those forums. Here's the links to the Aqua pages:


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