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west windows, originally uploaded by monkeyridingdog.

New College Residence at the University of Toronto (Ontario, Canada) by Saucier + Perrotte Architectes, 2003.

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  1. Can the small white-bordered windows be opened? That would be nice. Ours were sealed because of the fear of jumping.

  2. To respond to the above post:

    A closer look at the picture reveals that this windows are side-vent windows that swing outwards. I think the maximum opening is 100mm, as stipulated by the OBC, presumably also to prevent jumping, or a small child from falling out.

    And a woo-hoo! for one of the few Canadian projects to be noticed by people other than the editors of Canadian Architect.

  3. You can see an open window near the bottom of the image, slightly left of center.

  4. This building is pretty great contextually as well, there are red brick victorian houses across the street and a beaux-arts red brick building next door.

    A great project that is sensitive to its neighbours - a huge step forward for architecture in Toronto.

  5. wow! I thought the point of this image was that almost every window had it's blinds drawn. As I would draw my west-facing window blinds.


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