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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Today's archidose #183

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Spittelau Viaducts project in Vienna, Austria by Zaha Hadid nearing completion. For more information check out MIMOA, [pushpullbar], and Vienna 360 (panorama).

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  1. Honestly, doesn't Hadid's work in this case, and in many other examples, look already stylistically dated to the late 80s early 90s, instead of a consideration of anything for the late 2000s? It's just a signature that we all have seen from her since at least a decade. Expressionist angles are made meaningless, gestures sold in gallery drawings, but never really worked out as architecture intended for living. It's odd no one ever asks people what it is like to inhabit these Hadid buildings.
    Or to notice what happens to these attempts - see Berlin for example.

    All those nice small windows - obviously she doesn't know, or care, to consider life in these boxes, or what it means to live in such boxes. Straighten out the angles and you would find a really normal box architecture that has been done in Vienna countless times. Which I am sure didn't have the price tag of hiring Hadid on top of their final costs.

    As an architect, she has made significant contributions of course (more institutional - a firestation, a museum etc...) But this is terribly uninspiring.

  2. I fully agree, this is trite, worn, and does nothing for the context as far as I can tell, thus, inside and out lacks any inspiration. It does remind me of an early building of hers in Berlin which I visited 15 years ago,I was unimpressed then. -eped

  3. as a viennese citizen I can tell you that this building is empty right now. nobody wants to live in it. politicians thought student want after their social housing experiment failed but students are not keen on inhabiting this thing either. somehow viennese thing. something is suddenly there, nobody knows why. at least you can complain about something new.

  4. I visited this site just last week-end, and was surprised how dead and empty it was. And I agree with all critique that is here. I am sure living in such angled rooms is very uncomfortable. But more so, people don't like it outside as well. They just pass by on the aqueduct on foot or bike and don't want to stay. For me this project is just a huge failure. I was curios and went on her website, to see the description. Among diagrams/renderings there were no connection to the site/city studies. Maybe, this is the reason...


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