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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Weekend (On The) Media

Turning on the radio this Sunday morning I was a bit surprised to hear Geoff Manaugh talking about architectural renderings during this week's On The Media, though if any blogger of architecture, landscape, and the built environment would be on a show devoted to space (and media), it would be Geoff. The show, Space Odyssey, also features New Yorker critic Paul Goldberger on the New York Times and Bloomberg towers in Manhattan, reporter Vinicius Galvao on São Paulo's billboard ban, Princeton University professor Emily Thompson on sounds in space, and music by build buildings, among other things. It's always great to find media devoted to space, a rare occurrence, given the difficulty in conveying certain ideas over the airwaves. Below is the whole show, as well as the individual clips.

Space Odyssey

The News Tower (Goldberger)

Building Hype (Manaugh)

Clearing the Air (Galvao)

Sound Reasoning (Thompson)

Moveable Type

Head Room

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