Reader Finn passed along a link to The Modern House Estate Agents, a UK agency "specialising in the sale of 20th and 21st century homes of architectural distinction." A quick glance through the properties reveals that they are definitely distinctive, as well as being well documented. One that stood out is David Adjaye's Lost House in London.

[Lost House exterior | image source]

The Lost House is one of the properties that has been sold, and one can see why, from the modest entrance on the street to the outdoor rooms and slick interiors.

[Lost House courtyard | image source]

While the Modern House agents describe the house in some detail, they omit what is probably the most interesting tidbit for me and others without any intention of buying: why is the house for sale? Did the original owner "flip it" for profit? Did they grow out of it? Get tired of it? Move to Dubai?

[Lost House exterior | image source]

Of course this sort of information personalizes the property too much, making it more difficult for prospective buyers to disassociate the past owners from their potential future, or so me thinks. It's hard for me to see the personality of the owner in the shiny surfaces, except for the splendid sunken theater alcove, a green gem offset from the dark surfaces throughout.

[Lost House exterior | image source]


  1. That's an amazing house. I agree that knowing too much of a person's story can affect how you view the property. We recently had a house where the couple had been through a messy divorce and you could almost feel the bad energy.


  2. Amazing !! Its look like a great deal. Beautiful house to have.

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