Burj Dubai Opus

Even though this is obviously a rendering (not the real thing) of a 15-foot (4.5m) high book made for the lobby of the Burj Dubai, as reported by World Architecture News, it is hardly incredulous. It seems appropriate that the tallest building in the world, one inspired by the Emerald City, should have an over-the-top book associated with it.

[Burj Dubai Opus | image source]

According to WAN, "the Burj Dubai Opus will stand tall in the lobby of the tower from its opening next year." There will also be "limited editions and collector’s item copies, some of which will be auctioned off for charity." Of course, a plethora of questions come to mind when thinking about a book three times taller than a person. Where does one keep it? How does one open it? How thick is the paper? How is it bound? What's the point? But more than any question, one has to wonder: Can it even be called a book?


  1. Hi,
    My first visit of here!
    Great blog.I am an Architecture student,here is so amazing for me! ;)

  2. Most important question of all : how are we supposed to find a bedside table big enough for it ? All this communication and advertising without any practical sense, where are we going...

  3. Strange and in a over zealous way inspiring.

  4. this is a great blog over architecture. I try to do something like that but in french... so if you could visit my blog or list it... that would be nice, i just start so it isn't perfect ;)

  5. Excellent blog!!
    Wonder what type of material they used for that book.
    Many thanks from Brighton (U.K.)
    Peace and freedom of speech.

  6. I love the questions you posted here.

    What really is the definition of a book? I can't imagine how big the signatures would have to be on a book this big. Very informative and fun!

  7. Unquestionably informative and interesting. What if it is going to constructed.

    David Williams

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  8. I think an even better question is, "how many Philipino slave-laborers were used to make that book?" Judging my Dubai's previous track record I'm guessing 500,000.

  9. I think I'll wait for the paperback to come out.

  10. Can you tell me what section of the library that is in?

  11. It makes you think about what 'the book' symbolises to them, or is meant to symbolise to the wider public. Does having a book about something somehow make it a more serious piece of architecture? Also in some ways a strange choice in a world where we keep being told about the death of the book, though in this case maybe it is more death by book.

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  13. I find dubai as the kingdom of the kitsch.



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