Plans o' Pinós

On Monday, as part of The Arhchitectural League's fall lecture series, Barcelona's Carme Pinós presented a handful of recent projects, including a competition she won for a square with housing and educational components in Barcelona, an office building in Mexico and a primary school in Barceona (both built), a couple hotel projects in Latin America, and an installation to (hopefully) be built in the Canary Islands. What stood out amongst the imagery of the projects were the floor plans. The architect's very capable hand is evident in the way she articulates the different plans, a broad array of different types, owing to the various building types she tackles.


The above thumbnails culled from the Estudio Carme Pinós web page illustrate the obvious importance the architect places on the plan. Sectional relationships and form are certainly not ignored in the designs, but the movement of bodies in spaces that is afforded by the plan takes precedence. This makes sense for an architect who endeavors "to create an experiential architecture to be understood not only with the eyes and the head, but also with the whole body.” Below is a sampling of plans from the projects Pinós presented the other night. I think they speak for themselves.








  1. I remember taking classes with her on a Venice summer program I took while at school back in 98'

    She was very energetic and nice, and had some great ideas about design. I love her organic approach for architectural design.

  2. Pinos drawings are simply amazing...I have often wondered about the dialog and exchange between her and Miralles in the early days, their mutual influence, how much of each is reflected in the later work of the other, etc.
    Has anyone seen individual work of Pinos pre-Miralles?

  3. Wow...I wish I could draw like that. Those are extremely impressive.


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