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IMG_8817, originally uploaded by iceman882.

The Lacey at 11th & Florida in Washington, DC by Division One Architects, under construction.

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  1. I found your blog through blogger buzz. but i'm glad i did. I'm an Interior Design student in Portland, OR. I've taken several arch. classes and i love your blog.

    i think i had to draw this building in one of my begining classes.

    i love it.

  2. That's a clever way to break up the floor plane with alternating spandrel panels and glazed facade.

  3. I like it!


  4. Excellent architecture.

  5. is it really clever to use spandrel to achieve a design intention? architecture school would be a lot easier if it is.

  6. Your blog continues to impress me with the diversity your bring in each post. Thanks!

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  8. Interesting blog.

    I find it almost amusing that the trend towards spaces that offer little privacy are so popular at a time when corruption and greed are rampant. Rhetorically, what does this mean? Do we just not care about corruption and greed anymore? Does this make us, the viewer, part of the wrongdoing?


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