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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Chutes (No Ladders)

Part of Jump Studios' design for the Red Bull Headquarters is a slide that connects two of the levels in the three-story conversion of a 19th-century building in London. Not sure if it will catch on as an "architectural element," but its inclusion in the offices for a beverage company that "prides itself on the vast array of adrenalin sports it is actively involved in" is highly appropriate.

[Red Bull HQ | image source]


  1. wonder if there will be a constant line-up to get up the stairs next to the slide.

  2. Seems "playground." Adds no aesthetic, provides no appropriate value, either to the building or for fitness. See no reason for considering it again.

  3. I value happiness. And sliding makes me happy.

  4. I like the clean, crisp lines versus the smooth, wavy slides. I like the dark versus light, the shapes and patterns. I think it's a really great example of Architecture reflecting personality/ reputation (for pushing the limits) rather than a corporate identity. Very good entry!


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