Firm of the Year

Congratulations to DeStefano + Partners -- my home for nine years in Chicago before moving to New York City -- for winning AIA Chicago's 2008 Firm Award. Jurors commented that DeStefano Partners’ projects “showed a high level of attention to design across the board, including technical detailing and the principles of sustainability.”

[the D+P gang | image source]

When I started there back in 1997 the firm was about 50 people and growing fast (two other people started the same day as me). By the time I left it was a bit more than double, down a little from the pre-9/11 number of about 140 (if memory serves me right). Recently the office announced it will be moving into the 32nd floor of Mies's IBM Building (now 330 North Wabash) from a loft space near Navy Pier. D+P also received a Distinguished Building Award for the State Emergency Operation Center in Springfield.


  1. these pictures are always interesting. In the UK there is much talk from RIBA etc. about getting women and ethnic minorities into architecture but the firms depicted usually consist of white, middle class men (in black turtle necks : )

  2. My firm faces series might interest you as well. I've yet to look at what you're talking about, but that gives me fodder for a future post. Thanks for the comment.


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