Half Dose #57: Stockwerk Sedelmeier

Flipping through a special edition of the German magazine A&W on the 50 best single-family houses in Germany at a newsstand yesterday, this design by w67 architekten bda schulz + stoll stood out from the rest.

[exterior view | image source]

What looks like a straightforward glass box is elevated well above one's head and the neighboring buildings. The lift is housed in a stone-clad volume at the front of the house; a slender column is all that otherwise supports the house at its front.

[exterior view | image source]

Like a contemporary interpretation of Le Corbusier's five points, the design both lifts itself above the ground and recovers this space on the roof, where a generous terrace provides a dramatic outdoor living area.

[terrace view | image source]

Situated on a steep slope in south Stuttgart, the house takes advantage of city views afforded by the site by providing additional outdoor space.

[terrace view | image source]

The interior photographs illustrate that the house is fairly typical of much minamilist contemporary architecture today: unadorned walls, a restrained material palette, a floating stair and generous glazing. The last brings the residents back to the outdoor rooms and view beyond.

[interior view | image source]

Even the frosted glazing in the bathroom has a connection to the outside, as the adjacent tree kisses the surface, like a natural pattern on the glazing. It's a subtle yet effective reminder of what surrounds the modern-day treehouse.

[interior view | image source]

:: w67 architekten bda schulz + stoll
:: Architektur & Wohnen Special Edition