PS1 Afterparty

Last year the courtyard at PS1 in Long Island City was transformed into a Public Farm. This summer, per an announcement today, it will become an amalgam of Cones, Domes and Huts. The winner's of this year's PS1 Young Architects Program is MOS, with a design titled "Afterparty."

[image by MOS | image source]

Hilary Sample and Michael Merideth addressed the requirements of shade, seating and water in their design by "air cooled by the courtyard’s existing shaded concrete walls and concrete water troughs [that] will be drawn up through the chimneys by induction...creating a breeze." The architects description points to primitive architecture executed with contemporary technologies.

[image by MOS | image source]

Evoking the smokestacks of the area, the design and its visibility beyond PS1's walls is very appealing. Like previous winners, the small budget ($70,000) will surely impact construction and have a big impact on the success of the final product, set to open in late June. Here's hoping they can pull it off well.

[image by MOS | image source]


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