Monday, February 09, 2009

TVCC Building on Fire

IHT reports, "A fierce fire engulfed a major new building in Beijing that houses a luxury hotel and cultural center Monday, the last day of celebrations for the lunar new year when the city was alight with fireworks." That major new building is the smaller of the two buildings Rem Koolhaas designed for CCTV (China Central Television). The Television Cultural Center (TVCC) was set to open in a few months.

[photo by Alfred Cheng/Reuters | image source]

IHT further states, "The fire was burning from the ground floor to the top floor, the flames reflecting in the glass facade of the main CCTV tower next to the hotel and cultural center. ... Flames were spotted around 9:30 p.m., and within 20 minutes the fire had spread throughout the building. ... The main CCTV tower appeared to be untouched by the fire."

(Thanks to Gareth for the heads up!)


  1. How awful! It must be so sad for an architect to see his creation consumed by these flames.

  2. The client . . . oh right. That's true too.
    Your blog is so interesting and diverse. I, a non-architect, appreciate it very much.


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