TVCC Update posts photos of the TVCC building after yesterday's fire, showing a blackened but still standing survivor of the flames. Of course only investigation of the structure will determine if the building will remain standing, or if it must be torn down.

[TVCC still standing | image source]

(via's post that includes a timeline of the three or four hours when the building was ablaze.)


  1. Still standing!?
    What an unusual and impressive building, even in its charred state.

  2. And yet we are to beleive that WTC7 with infinitely less damage collapsed by fire?

    Check it out for yourselves and take your own decisions.

  3. does this remind anyone else of thom mayne's federal building in san francisco?

  4. Recent news suggests that only the exterior was damaged, hard to believe from the footage of the blaze. Looks like they might be able to save it after all.


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