33 Favorites

With the sidebar links growing every week, I've decided to add a category at the top with my current favorites, the web pages (primarily blogs) that I look to daily or almost daily, whatever the case may be. This list will definitely morph over time as my interests change, as pages fade away, or as other pages' tastes diverge from mine. Please don't take it personally if your page isn't there or if it falls off. It's a subjective list there to help those overwhelmed by the loooooong list below it.

Why 33? Well, my aim at first was 20, but it was too difficult to limit myself to that number. Just over thirty seemed to work, and I'm a sucker for repetition and palindromes.

So here's the list, also added to the top of my sidebar links.
:: Arch Daily
:: Archinect
:: Architect's Newspaper
:: ArchitectureMNP
:: ArchNewsNow
:: [the belly of an architect]
:: Brand Avenue
:: BUILD Blog
:: City of Sound
:: Coudal
:: Design Observer
:: dezain.net
:: Edificial
:: Fantastic Journal
:: HTC Experiments
:: Landscape+Urbanism
:: Lebbeus Woods
:: Life Without Buildings
:: loud paper
:: Pentagram
:: Polar Inertia
:: Pruned
:: PYTR 75
:: The Sesquipedalist
:: sit down man...
:: SpaceInvading
:: Strange Harvest
:: Super Colossal
:: things magazine
:: Tropolism
:: varnelis.net
:: Where


  1. I just found www.theslowhome.com and I thought you may consider it for one of your lists

  2. there are some great blogs here. Thanks

    Lucas Gray


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