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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bustler Bookmarks

A new addition to the far-right sidebar of this blog is "My Bustler Bookmarks," a banner that lists handpicked Competitions, Events and News from Bustler. Clicking on the individual heading will change the list within the banner, which also includes a scrollbar if required. Clicking the individual listing will open a new window with information on that item. Pretty neat.

Attention New Yorkers: the Events listing will be limited to events in New York City, thereby replacing my occasional lectures posts. By contributing lectures and other events to Bustler, this listing (usually the next two or three weeks) should be a pretty thorough list of choice happenings. After clicking on Events, hold your mouse over the individual listing for a moment to see the date; the most immediate dates are at the top, later events at the bottom.

I hope this new banner is a helpful addition to this blog.

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