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Just found out about the Scandinavian Conditions Magazine, "conceived in order to search for knowledge and predicaments of our continuously evolving society." Its first issue won't come out until May, but some abstracts and bios from that issue are already available online, illustrations of the magazine's focus on the conditions of architecture and urbanism. It appears that the initial distribution will be limited to 1,000 copies and only Scandinavia; hopefully this will expand and/or the online content will make content available to an international audience.


Some details from the Conditions Magazine web site:
In opposition to ignorance and superficiality this magazine is conceived in order to search for knowledge and predicaments of our continuously evolving society. It is organized in a fluctuating network of agents reflecting the present globalized state of a dynamic society, economics, politics and culture which are the motivators of architecture. Through a play of thoughts in an open ended forum, predefined "facts" will be unsecured and constantly reinvented. The forum will gather the architect, client, politician and the public, a communion of ideas creating conditions for evolution.

Current Issue
The first issue of Conditions is dedicated to strategies for evolution in architecture and urbanism. It is easily recognized looking back when you are able to separate actual progress from variations. Our concern is how to interpret the contemporary situation and how to maneuver and act upon the present ensuring that architecture becomes really evolutionary.

Conditions is a new Scandinavian magazine focusing on the conditions of architecture and urbanism. Presenting new perspectives, in the way of conceiving and analyzing designs, works and theory for architecture.
  • 4 issues per year
  • 750 - 1000 copies per issue
  • The magazine will be printed in color. Size is 27 cm (tall) by 20 cm (wide). 100 pages of editorial content.
  • Distribution to Scandinavia, to all the major architecture organizations, architecture schools / libraries and architecture bookstores and webstores in Europe.
  • Magazine language is English
  • Editors: Joana Sá Lima, Tor Inge Hjemdal and Anders Melsom
  • Designer: Ole Peder Juve / JUVE DESIGN
(via Things Magazine)


  1. Thank you! The article about italian architects has to be completed with the following information:
    Ambrogio Frangiolli was born in Milan. He studied in Rome and
    Turin. After winning an architecture contest in the Accademia
    Albertina, he moved to Rome in 1829, where he studied in deep
    descriptive geometry. In 1833, he became professor of the Accademia


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