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The Watercube - National Swimming Center in Beijing, China by PTW Architects, 2008.

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  1. The design is quite interesting. It really fits for it's name The Watercube. As what I have seen it the walls and the roof are made up out of glass and steel.


  2. It's a very clearly executed building - clear concept, clear execution.

    Post from: Seattle Architects

  3. Nice design. I heard it was a great building to visit also - I find that contemporary architecture often looks great in renderings and photographs but disappoints in real life.

    Lucas Gray

  4. Was this design mainly to deal with light and heat/cooling as well as it obstract approach?

    I have work with bland designs compared. I am a new home builder/seller. You can see what we do.

  5. This is an amazing building. This skin of this building is extremely complex (heating/cooling, lighting and the structure), but the form remains simplistic and transparent. I'm happy to finally see an interior photo of this building. I'm amazed how open the interior is.

    Seattle Architects Coates Design specializes in green building and sustainable design.


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