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Friday, April 24, 2009

Craigslist Ad of the Week

With so few job postings for architects nowadays, Craigslist looks like it has become one of the best sources for finding job leads, at least in New York City with its relative multitude of listings. But alongside the few reputable ads are numerous gotta-be-a-headhunter ads (maybe not a bad idea these days), hire-me ads (ditto) and other questionable listings. I'll be posting some of the last, with some commentary, once a week until the economy improves or the idea runs its course, whichever comes first.

When: 2009-04-24
Who: ???
I am the current office manager for an architectural studio in SoHo. Sadly, I am moving & need to give up my position in this creative environment. We are on the hunt for a reliable, organized, detail oriented Receptionist/Office Manager. Must be professional with great communication skills. You have big shoes to fill!! No, seriously…they’re like a size 10.

Are you interested in being more than just a receptionist? Maybe Marketing or Human Resources interests you? Are you a self starter with consistent follow-through? Do you have working knowledge of MS Office and Adobe programs? Do you like friendly people that are fun to work with? How about working in an amazing neighborhood full of great food, shopping & culture? Then this might be the job for you!!
Comments: Granted that most out-of-work architects probably don't want to give up just yet and take a receptionist gig, I couldn't help feature this ad posted in the engineering category, where architecture listings reside. You can probably see why. This firm is so hip that: 1) They won't say who they are, lest they be inundated with thousands upon thousands of e-mails. 2) They make the office manager write the ad for the position she's leaving, since they can't take time away from making hip architecture. Let's hope they paid her (I'm guessing she's a woman, given the shoe size joke) for writing the ad.


  1. In my experience, Craigslist is for people or companies that are looking to get the absolute cheapest price. Companies have the luxury now of being very picky thus driving the price down. And for $25 on CL they can get hundreds of resumes. I'm not going to low ball myself for a least a few months....


  2. John - As well, many people post the same ads on Craigslist that they post elsewhere, such as New York's DDC. In cases like DDC, I think the employer is just getting the word out to as many people as possible, not looking to devalue people's worth. For someone looking, Craigslist is handy because it allows feed subscriptions, therefore delivering updates to one's inbox.


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