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Friday, April 17, 2009


On display at the Japan Society in Manhattan is KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Manga + Video Games, with an exhibition design by Atelier Bow-Wow. The Japanese architects have been featured here a number of times, a perennial favorite for their great books, sense of humor, architectural skills, and thorough drawings.


The Japan Society generously provides a PDF of architectural drawings for the exhibition, such as a rendering, plan and details of the atrium signage, excerpted above and below. According to the web page, Atelier Bow-Wow's design unfolds "within an intriguing sequence of spaces that evoke Tokyo’s clamorous cityscape." I plan to visit and see just how well the drawings translate to built form, and I'll report back with photos.


Update 04.19: Photography is not permitted in the galleries, so all I could shoot were a few views of the entrance, the signage above.


  1. Yep, and I guess this is my reply. Thanks for the heads up, by the way!


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