Wednesday, April 08, 2009

"Mickey is Asexual"

Michael Eisner and Frank Gehry talk sexuality in this clip from "Conversations with Michael Eisner" on CNBC. It's a much different topic than the clip the network chooses to share.

(via The Bellman)


  1. John -- Thanks for the link, as always. It's nice that it came today because as it happens today was one of the numerous occasions on which the existence of your blog has helped me in my job. As you know, I work as an organizer for a union of graduate employees. Our unit includes, in any given term, about a dozen grads pursuing advanced architecture degrees. Whenever I'm involved in a conversation with one of those grads I make a point of name-dropping your blog. They always know about it, and that knowledge always helps me find common ground.

  2. Very interesting discussion. However, I think it may be the big fuzzy ears rather than the asexuality that kids love. And who say's Mickey is asexual?

  3. dr - You're welcome. Thanks for posting the video. Glad I can be of some help.

    John Poole - Eisner says it at 1:52, though it's hard to hear, as it's buried under something Gehry is saying at the same time.


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