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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hadid Building Burns

Architect's Newspaper reports on another building set to open this year catching ablaze, the Guangzhou Opera House, in Guangzhou, China designed by Zaha Hadid. In early February, during Chinese New Year celebrations, OMA's TVCC Building was nearly destroyed in a fire before it was able to open for business.

[A photograph from a Chinese news site showing the fire [] | image source]

From the A/N blog:
"The project, designed by Zaha Hadid with a web-like exoskelton, includes an 1800 seat theater as well as a multipurpose hall and support facilities. The building was set to open this fall. A Chinese media outlet reports that blaze has been extinguished but that the extent of the damage has not been determined. A project architect is currently on site and a statement from Hadid’s office is expected shortly."
(Thanks to Matt for the heads up!)


  1. This is rather disapppointing reporting (from A/N). Was Zaha Hadid spotted smoking on site?

    Much as I personally would love to see all Zaha Hadid designed buildings burn to the ground, I don't see how the fact that a building was designed by a particular architect is relevant to the lack of workmanship or non compliance with safety standards of building (sub)contractors that cause fires on building sites???

  2. as long as nobody was hurt, it's just clear to me:
    "the new architecture must burn"
    > Wolf D. Prix <

    well, it will not damage zaha's reputation so let it burn!!!

  3. Gee man that is dreadful to see such a marvelous creation being gutted down by fire before it could be completed. On the other hand thank god that such an incident happened before its opening or else imagine the loss of lives if the building was open and in use.

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  4. there would be such pun intended in chanting 'the roof/the roof/the roof'...

  5. What's going on in China these days? Is there a complete lack of safety standards? I worked there for two years and although the construction quality was often suspect I never experienced such disasters as OMA and now Zaha's buildings getting burnt to a crisp.

    -Lucas Gray


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