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Friday, June 12, 2009

Modern Architecture in LIFE

Inspired by Mario Ballesteros's post on Modern Mexico, an image search for the term "modern architecture" in LIFE Magazine yielded some interesting photos, most in Chicago. The image below particularly struck my eye. It is a construction shot of Marina City (1960-62) by Bertrand Goldberg.

["Modern Architecture In Chicago" photograph by A. Feininger | image source]

The view is looking northeast, with the well-known Chicago Tribune Tower and the Wrigley Building to the right of the taller "corncob" core. The contrast between these cores and both the background towers and the low-rise buildings nearby is striking. One seeing these rising at the time would have known that something different was on the horizon. Of course this contrast might not be as great as the one between the above photo and the same view about 50 years later. (I wish I could find one.)


  1. Oh nice!
    I was in high school in Chicago at the time. I remember looking up at the growing corn cobs and vaguely feeling sorry for the people who would dwell there, stacked one on the other.

  2. I've found beautiful pictures of the World Fairs. Some of the buildings are impossible to ignore.

    Check it out.


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