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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Publishing Practices—Book Survey

Former Actarian Michael Kubo is working on "a research project on publishing practices to be exhibited at Pinkcomma gallery in Boston in September 2009." Part of Kubo's research is a survey that is "intended to study the reception and influence of architectural publications for those who have received an architectural education and are currently practicing in various design-related fields."

Some details:
"You are each asked to list five books (architecture-related or not) that have been important to your education and/or your current practice in the field, be it design-oriented, scholarly, academic, speculative, or any combination of these. Following the selection of five books are a series of general questions on the value of architectural publications today. ... The collected replies will be used to produce a set of information graphics on the role and impact of architectural publications, for exhibition in September and possible publication thereafter."
A screenshot of the survey:

The confidential survey takes about 15-20 minutes and has a deadline of August 1. Get to it!

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