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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Douglas Darden Prints For Sale

On a short journey from to the web page of Ben Ledbetter, Architect to the same's Flickr page, I discovered that ten limited edition prints of Douglas Darden drawings are available for purchase via Ledbetter.

[Douglas Darden prints for sale | image by Ledbetter, Architect]

These ten 23x33" prints (below) are "produced under special arrangement with Osamu Nakasuji Printmakers in Osaka, Japan," offered by Studio 406...Five projects are showcased from Darden's celebrated 1993 architectural treatise published by Princeton Architectural Press entitled Condemned Building." Click the image below to see the poster for the sales with contact information.

[Douglas Darden prints for sale (detail) | image by Ledbetter, Architect]

Darden, known for these and other striking illustrations of his theoretical projects, died from leukemia three years after the publication of his book; he was 42. Many years later his drawings still pack a punch, particularly in relation to today's predominantly computer-generated renderings done by architects. It's easy to embrace the skill and visual appeal of these hand drawings, but it should be noted how the designs stem from this method of delineation. It would be difficult to imagine these designs generated via CAD or other computer-based methods. Regular geometries are accompanied by intuitive, organic forms, appearing like the designs come about through the act of drawing. Of course Darden's "dis/continuous geologies" root the designs in imagery well beyond what we see in his drawings, but the traces of inspiration give way to newfound discoveries generated by his hand.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, John. Just to clarify: there are ten prints in the sets, but there are quite a few sets still available. The prints are for sale individually or (at a discount per print) by the set.

    Ben Ledbetter, Architect LLC
    129 Church Street, #814
    New Haven, CT 06510
    203 782 1912


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