Firm Faces Hands #11: Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects

As a means of presenting the people in its office, Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects favor showing the owners' and various employees' hands instead of faces. While this might seem to deny the strength of the face in expressing personality, for an architect the hand says, and does, a lot. Traditionally the hand is the most important piece between the mind and the drawing, the skillful means of creating a design from ideas. But as can be seen by the 13 hands of 10 people below, the architect's job these days is as much -- or more -- about computers than the physical act of putting pen to paper. Only four of the ten "profiles" do not have a keyboard or mouse in the frame.


Setting aside the effects of technology on the day-to-day activities of architectural production, do these snapshots accurately portray the individuals and what they do? Hard for me to say, but I would wager that (from top to bottom, left to right) Marcy juggles proposals, clients, and lots of other important matters, Donn is the lead designer, Kent pumps CAD, Tai-Ran is a designer, Ketki is a technical architect, Mark drinks a lot of coffee, Justin is the intern, Cari red-lines drawings, Romelo picks up Cari's red lines, and Brandon handles the accounting. Needless to say, since using a keyboard is so common in any profession and architect's roles often overlap, I'll be lucky if I bat 500 on the above guesses.

(via Eye Candy)


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