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Thursday, August 13, 2009


As an investigation of the potential of structural wood panels and prefabrication, Architecture W created this video for presenting the house. An stop-frame Yoda "forces" the two-story house to be assembled before our very eyes. It's very refreshing to see something in cardboard that could have been pulled off in a totally computerized environment. And while the design is preliminary, the video helps explain the general plan of the house as well as how it would be assembled. And it's fun.


  1. interesting concept, but, uhh, how is the "solar film" supposed to have any benefit if its completely surrounded by trees?

  2. I like that they did not use a computer. I find that working in the solid material of card stock and mini wooden dowels is more "fun" than working within the constraints of the computer.

  3. interesting way of presenting.

    While it was really great, I think it would have been more effective if he was passing through the space rather than just stood outside.

  4. Not sure Yoda is familiar with the practise of low temperature underfloor heating installations.
    Use the force my padiwan.
    Fantastic Concept


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