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Taking place September 24-27 in Mad River Valley, Vermont is the Architecture and Design Film Festival, which describes itself as "the first film festival celebrating the creative spirit of architecture and design." Over its four days, "An exciting selection of films, including feature-length films, documentaries and shorts will engage the audience with how architects and designers think, work and create." In addition to the 20+ films to be screened, the fest also includes conversations with filmmakers, architects and designers. The Architecture & Design Film Festival will benefit the Yestermorrow Design/Build School. Yestermorrow inspires students to create a better and more sustainable world by providing an architectural education that integrates design and building into one continuous process.


The current line-up includes these films:
The Greening of Southie


  1. How ironic that we won't be able to attend since my wife will be studying for the ARE.

  2. For affordable lodging plus top notch food and drink stay at Hostel Tevere.

    I was there this past weekend and I highly recommend it. (Disclaimer: my friends are the owners)

    Bonus, one of the owners is an architect.


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