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Chips, originally uploaded by Doilum.

Chips at New Islington in Ancoats, Manchester, England by Alsop Architects. The firm "prepared the strategic framework scheme design for New Islington" and was "commissioned by Urban Splash to design the first of the proposed residential buildings -- Chips -- by the Ashton Canal at New Islington's southern periphery." Check out the developer's handy commercial and residential brochures in PDF form for more information on Chips.

Recently Will Alsop announced he will be leaving his architectural practice to devote his time to painting and to teach at Ryerson University in Toronto, home to his Sharp Centre for Design.

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  1. I just would like you to clarify that Ryerson is not the home of Sharp Centre for Design. It's at my school, OCAD. Unless you meant OCAD in the first place.

  2. I meant Toronto, not Ryerson...I can see how my wording would point to the school instead of the city.


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