Friday, September 11, 2009

Progress 8 Years Later

Seeing Tribute in Light last night made me think not only of the events of September 11 eight years ago, but also what has transpired since then, how much progress in rebuilding has occurred.


Two good sources for construction progress are The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey's (PANYNJ) helpful site with progress updates on construction and an image gallery, and Lower's construction project updates. The below information is culled from these two sites. The official reports documenting progress at the site can be found in PDF format on PANYNJ's site.

[Aerial view of WTC site from March 2009 | click image for expanded view with key notes]

One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) by SOM
Start of construction: July 4, 2004
Target completion date: Mid 2013
Construction progress: Steel erection underway.
[Freedom Tower construction, August 2009 | image source]

Tower Two (200 Greenwich Street) by Foster + Partners
Start of construction: September 2008
Target completion date: 2012
Construction progress: Excavation work is underway.

Tower Three (175 Greenwich Street) by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Start of construction: February 2008
Target completion date: 2012
Construction progress: Excavation work is underway.

Tower Four (150 Greenwich Street) by Maki + Associates
Start of construction: February 2008
Target completion date: 2012
Construction progress: Tower crane installed in March 2009; foundation work including steel and concrete installation is underway.

National September 11 Memorial and Museum (Memorial) by Michael Arad and Peter Walker and Partners
Start of construction: March 2006
Target completion date: Mid 2011
Construction progress: Majority of steel structure complete; pouring concrete slabs is underway.
[Memorial construction, September 2009 | image source]

National September 11 Memorial and Museum (Museum) by Snøhetta and Davis Brody Bond Aedas
Start of construction: TBD
Target completion date: Early 2013
Construction progress: Construction is dependent upon erection of steel over PATH line, underway now and expected to be complete prior to the end of the year.

WTC Hub by Santiago Calatrava
Start of construction: September 2005
Target completion date: Late 2013
Construction progress: Steel arch structure for east-west connector (linking Hub to Fulton Street Transit Center by Grimshaw Architects) is complete; demolition of temporary PATH station is underway.
[WTC Hub construction, September 2009 | image source]


  1. I came across this in the Architect's Newspaper:
    if its not the right rate for good property speculation forget everything! the end all creativity, good will, tribute etc stands at the mercy of global capital.

  2. I still have a soft spot in my heart for the old Twin Towers, as architecturally unsuccessful as they may have been, and in my opinion the new WTC developments will never be able to hold a candle to them.
    The new project seems to be a safe, sensible response to its time, whereas the old towers pushed the envelope. Certainly the new buildings are a cheaper and more reasonable solution, have more name-brand architects, and perform better when run through the usual spreadsheets, but whenever I toss aside thoughts of numbers and logic and safety to look at the plans through my eyes and my heart, they will always shrink in the shadow of the blunt, ugly building that was a greater icon.

  3. american built towers on a cemetery ?

  4. crane trucksAlthough the originals were striking, I do believe this is going to be an inpeccable work of art. Kudos to the article.

  5. When I watch old movies set in New York, they almost always show a panorama of the old twin towers... It goes to show how much of an icon they were and the statement they made.

    i'm glad to see they are underway rebuilding. I've recently seen where they are moving along quite nicely but they haven't gotten much press as of lately... I'm guessing closer to the 10 year anniversary and we'll definitely hear about them.

    Great article. Thanks for the read.

  6. The progress on this is really going good. It's amazing how much they've already built of the new building. This is a really impressive operation they have going at ground zero.

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