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Here are a handful of shots of the Simcoe Wavedeck, part of the "first phase of implementation of a strategic masterplan for the Toronto Central Waterfront prepared by West 8 + DTAH." Photographs are by picturenarrative.






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  1. Whats up with the railings? They ruin the fluidity of the space! Is it really too dangerous for people to climb up those curves?

    Code requirements and lawsuits are destroying North American design.

    -Lucas Gray

  2. They remind me of FOA's Yokohama Ferry Terminal, where continuity of surface was turned into walking corridors and demarcated access areas.

  3. The railing completely negates anything positive about the design. This fails as art or architecture. What kind of design encourages people to walk into a dead end in place of what would otherwise be a natural thoroughfare along the water?

  4. Have you seen the NYTimes today about the Moneo's building for Columbia? Archidose inspires...

  5. The low railings look like something Parks & Rec asked for in order to keep vehicles, bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, etc. off of the deck surface. Although they're a minor nuisance, the railings are quite easy to step over. Small children also seem to enjoy climbing all over the rails when they're not busy sliding down the exposed curved glulam beams. While I'm in no way defending the presence of the railings, they're actually not as terrible as they appear to be.

  6. joe.cheyu.lin - That may be the case, but on West 8's web page there's a photo of a skateboarder gliding along one of the railings. (Or that's what I remember...the site's not working at the moment for me to check.) In NYC they'd probably add spikes to the top of the rail to stop that practice...or if it's the High Line they'll staff security guards to monitor the park during open hours.

  7. I wouldn't be surprised if Parks & Rec does decide to add something in the near future to the rails to frustrate the boarders and bladers.

    Was it a photo or a rendering?

  8. Joe - Here's the image. It's a rollerblader, not skateboarder, though that's a tiny difference. The other photos on West 8's page show the place being used heavily on both sides of the railing. But who knows the circumstances of the photo shoot.

  9. Yeah, I was going to say, it looks like a skateboarder's dream!

  10. I wonder if there was any thought about the possible abuse from extreme sports enthusiasts. Does it come complete with a security guard to stop the potential groups of roller bladers, skateboarders, stunt bike riders, etc... that will eventually find this place. I never tried any of these extreme sports, but a place like this will inspire me to try! ;-)


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