NYC Guide RFB (Request for Buildings)

As indicated in my announcement about A Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture, a book I'm writing, to be published by W. W. Norton, I'd like to solicit opinions as to what projects should be included in the book. If you'd like to help, read on for some selection criteria before sending me your suggestions.
Projects in the book will fall into two broad categories:
  1. Those completed between 2000-2010 
  2. Those planned for completion after 2010
I'm interested in both, but primarily the first, as they will make up the bulk of the book. Those in the second category, which I will include in an "On the Horizon" appendix, should be actual projects that have a good chance of realization, not hypothetical or speculative ones never to go beyond renderings. Given that my research to date has yielded a lot more buildings than can fit in the book, it is not necessary to send me obvious choices, like 40 Bond by Herzog & de Meuron, IAC HQ by Frank Gehry, the Cooper Union Academic Building by Morphosis, or any other NYC building on the Archi-Tourist, for that matter. I'm looking for "under the radar" buildings, quality architecture that has not clogged the airways of the architectural media. That said, below are my criteria for what is included in the book. 

Projects for consideration:
  • Buildings (all types highly visible in the public realm) 
  • Accessible interiors (museums, community centers, libraries, etc.) 
  • Landscapes (parks, plazas, recreation, etc.) 
  • Monuments (memorials, etc. with architect involved)
Projects NOT for consideration:
  • Storefronts (restaurants, shops, galleries, etc.) 
  • Inaccessible interiors (offices, residences, schools, etc.) 
  • Rooftops (residential penthouses, etc. without visibility or access) 
  • Temporary structures (installations, showrooms, etc.)
If you'd like to send me a project you think should be in the book, please copy and paste the information below into an e-mail to me, filling in as many blanks as possible:
  • Project: ______ 
  • Architect: ______ 
  • Location: ______ 
  • Year of completion: 20__
Thank you!