Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Architect Barbie?

Barbie's next career just might be architect. Yes, Barbie could be the one who "designs buildings and makes sure they're safe, sturdy, and cool-looking." Your vote (as often as you like, by the way) will determine if Barbie's next career will be architect, or maybe environmentalist, surgeon, news anchor, or computer engineer.


About ten years ago I remember an architect doll hitting the scene. Unfortunately all I can find are some mentions of Amanda the Architect from 2001, no images. My mind's eye sees her with dark hair, the requisite plastic frame glasses, and some gear (T-square, triangle) so people knew she was an architect and not something else white collar. Which makes me wonder, what would Barbie the architect look like? And if she were to become an architect, is this what she'd design?