Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Architect Barbie?

Barbie's next career just might be architect. Yes, Barbie could be the one who "designs buildings and makes sure they're safe, sturdy, and cool-looking." Your vote (as often as you like, by the way) will determine if Barbie's next career will be architect, or maybe environmentalist, surgeon, news anchor, or computer engineer.


About ten years ago I remember an architect doll hitting the scene. Unfortunately all I can find are some mentions of Amanda the Architect from 2001, no images. My mind's eye sees her with dark hair, the requisite plastic frame glasses, and some gear (T-square, triangle) so people knew she was an architect and not something else white collar. Which makes me wonder, what would Barbie the architect look like? And if she were to become an architect, is this what she'd design?


  1. Found an image of Amanda the Architect here...


  2. Oh, I remember Amanda the Architect! I was in school at the time and one of my classmates was named Amanda. I doubt she thought it was as funny as the rest of us did.

    Thanks for the link to the voting site! Everybody wanted to be an architect at one point, it seems sometimes, so I'm sure Barbie's no exception.

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  4. I've wanted to be an architect since I played with Barbie's and now I am (or atleast working on on getting that stamp) I do in-house retail design for a fashion designer and I have to dress like a brunette Barbie everyday. Little girls need to know that being a nerd doesn't mean you have to skip on the sexy!

  5. http://www.barbie.com/vote/

    We voted!
    They didn't listen!!

    The Girls’ Vote winner is News Anchor!
    The Popular Vote winner is Computer Engineer!

  6. Thanks, arq. alejandra mar, for referring to my blog. Smartees Amanda the Architect doll can be seen in my Webshots folder as well:


    Amanda is the only doll or action figure architect that I can think of. Her box includes a small paperbound book about how a child could become an architect like Amanda.

    Amanda and all of the Smartees were one of the doll series that consciously tried to break with the "standard" Barbie focus on faahion and beauty.

    Dana Cooper aka D7ana
    Doll/Action Figure Collector


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