Lumenhaus Lands

Virginia Tech's entry to the 2009 U.S. DOE Solar Decathlon will be on display in Times Square's Duffy Plaza today and tomorrow. Pardon the late notice, but the anticipated five-day display, until Sunday, was just truncated to two days. After sunset tonight would be the best time to take in the house's distinctive Eclipsis facade system which glows colorfully at night. Even though the design did not place in the DOE contest, later in the year the house travels to Madrid to compete in the European Solar Decathlon, one of only two US houses invited to do so.

[Not even close to what the house will look like tonight | image sources: Times Square, Lumenhaus (flipped) | rough montage by archidose]

VT's description of the Eclipsis system:
"The Eclipsis system is an advanced building façade comprising two layers: a metal shutter shade and a translucent insulating panel. The shutter shade slides along the north and south façades, providing protection from direct sunlight while simultaneously allowing for indirect, natural lighting, views to the exterior and privacy to those inside. The sliding insulating panel is a translucent polycarbonate panel filled with aerogel. Aerogel is a super lightweight, highly insulating translucent material that provides insulation equivalent to a typical sold wall during harsh weather conditions without blocking natural light."