Space Wanted

ArchNewsNow links to an article at the Center for an Urban Future at the Center for an Urban Future, which leads me to their sister organization City Limits magazine, where I find in their classifieds that design-guru Edward Tufte is in need of some gallery space in Manhattan.
Type of Ad: Space Wanted
Seeking: temporary art exhibition space
Organization Edward Tufte
Description Looking for short-term lease to rent 1500-4000 square foot storefront space for temporary art gallery/exhibition 3-4 months in Manhattan. High ceilings, windows onto street. Street level. Prefer art-friendly location. Contact Janet at etsculpture [at] gmail [dot] com
I'm wont to not only wonder about what fits his description (a Chelsea gallery, a vacant retail storefront) but also what doesn't fit. Why Manhattan? Why not Long Island City, South Bronx or Williamsburg? This could open up some interesting possibilities, though I'm guessing Tufte wants Manhattan because of it's proximity to other cultural venues and its high amount of foot traffic compared to other boroughs.

The ad was posted last week, so it's probably not too late. Any ideas? Contact Janet via the ad.