Posts will be light for a week or two as I pack and move house. I'm also taking this week off for my weekly page.

["Pulling Mike and Hilda Symmonds house across the road in Conche" | image source]

Update 03.02: Just got internet service today at the new place, so my weekly page will resume next week (2010.03.08). Daily posts should resume shortly.


  1. this is an amazing shot.
    reminds me of photos of men towing there homes across the ocean during resettlement times.

    similar to this.
    this isn't the best photo though

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  5. I don't believe that that many guys could have pulled that house... A house is ridiculously heavy !!

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  6. It is good to see that you are moving in new house. Have you bought new house or shifting in rented one. I am sure you booked the some good company for moving the all household things to another home.


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