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The US has The Architect's Newspaper, and now it looks like Europe has its own newspaper on architecture. Panorama architecture newspaper is published by future, the maker of those giant magazines on competitions. Published every two months, the term newspaper may be a stretch, especially given that blogs and other online platforms can break news and even delve into some depth before the paper is printed.


RIBA Bookshops describes the paper as such:
Panorama Architecture Newspaper is an exciting new channel for architecture news, Up-to-date, beautifully illustrated and with global content and appeal, Panorama aspires to become a point of reference for architectural news, research and opportunities. This issue of Panorama [January/February 2010] features a day-in-the-life interview with Spanish architect Carlos Ferrater, the new Dallas Theater Center, plans for the new home of National Archives of France and Andalusia's tallest building, The Towers of Hercules.


  1. The US has The Architect's Newspaper,and Europe has it's own newspaper on architecture. But I feel these magazines are having good and healthy competition.

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