Mini 56 Leonard Street

The last half of 2008 saw the unveiling of two superstar condo developments for Manhattan: 56 Leonard Street by Herzog & de Meuron and 23 East 22nd Street by OMA. Not surprisingly each project fizzled in the ensuing economic downturn; the release of the projects in September coincides with the federal government bail out of AIG, not a good omen. 

While the city will probably never see these shifted and leaning buildings on their skyline, one lucky person can own one of the three hundred lucite models made for 56 Leonard Street in an ebay auction ending Wednesday. The 20" tall model is composed of 58 stacked pieces of the transparent material that lock into a full-height core also made of lucite. The model also includes a miniature Anish Kapoor scultpture at the base and a handy carrying case lined with foam for safe keeping. The case is emblazoned with words about the development that are composed into a profile of the building. 
[56 Leonard St. Building Model (Herzog & de Meuron) | image source

Those interested in buying the model have until Mar 17, 2010 09:14:09 PDT. The Current bid is $605.00. 

(via Archinect)


  1. Ugly as hell. What's the reason of this kind of modern architecture? It didn't follow the classical rules of architecture, warping the form in a strange way. It looks too wierd and to my mind it will spoil the view of New-York city.


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