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helmut jahn @ charlottenburg, originally uploaded by d.teil.

Ku'Damm #70 in Berlin, Germany by Murphy & Jahn, 1994. This project is notable as much for its slender footprint (2.5m deep site) as for the design by Zaha Hadid that predated Jahn's completed building by about eight years, two years before Jahn developed his design. Compare the completed building above with a crop of Hadid's early rendering below:

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A controversial aspect of the project is that Zaha Hadid won a competition for the building, only to have it built to a similar design by another, more seasoned, architect.

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  1. That is a blantant rip off

  2. really great blog thanks for posting :)

    please take a look at my music blogs if you have time :)

    Rory x

  3. I agree similarities exist. But with constraints like a 2.5m site that's only to be expected.

  4. Perhaps one shouldn't rush to judge Murphy & Jahn. It's not so uncommon to have clients shop around for designs only to find very similar solutions.

  5. But should design competitions held with the intention of building the winner be a means for "shopping around?" That's the stinkiest part of all this.

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