Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Firm Faces #13

Architizer, as many readers here know, is a website that "empowers architecture" and architects by connecting them with each other and a broader audience. At its root is a Facebook/LinkedIn-esque system where individuals are given a face alongside the usual projects found on the site and elsewhere. But do the firms have faces, beyond the individuals? Well, as a way to kick start my "firm faces" feature in gear again, I browsed the site's Firms tab to see how many firms actually put faces on their logo. Below is a sampling from a quick perusal of the first 50 or so pages.


Needless to say, most firms choose to represent themselves through typography, custom illustrations and the occasional building photograph. "Identity" these days is associated with things (custom logos) that are more stable than the people (architects) that actually do the work. No surprise that logos are more common, or that faces occur in smaller firms, but I like the range of those brave enough to give faces to the firms.