Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today's archidose #420

BundschuhBaumhauer @ Torstrasse 3 , originally uploaded by d.teil.

Linienstraße 40 in Berlin, Germany by BundschuhBaumhauer, 2010.

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  1. That "ruin-like appearance" is very now in vogue.

    It makes me think that a disaster has passed through it.

  2. There is rarely a time that multi-lane avenue is empty of car traffic, so great "moneyshot". That corner is one of THE main avenues in Berlin, traffic coming from three sides less than a meter from the building. Just encountering it in reality, the exterior seems old-fashioned, a dour color, a cut-up space with little sense to it regarding actual dimensions and the "living" point of it, and no consideration of the walking area or green space possible in terms of it, in a city that prides itself on that. It is a sculpture, a 2-d and aesthetic response, rather than contemporary architectural response. Figuring out how to work with a unique footprint and situation - there are so many options. The rumbling and noise of the traffic will be obviously felt on the first two floors at least. No pictures shows that and the building plan refuses to acknowledge it. Really, that speaks of the Berlin syndrome today, it's a pose standing in for experience. There are "for rent or purchase" signs on it - still.


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