Thursday, June 24, 2010

Polshek Partnership >> Ennead Architects


Come again?


  1. I've never been a big fan of naming a firm after a partner or owner for just this reason but this seams like marketing suicide... though I do know other firms have pulled it off.

  2. Eric - who are you thinking of?

    I think over time the name will be accepted, but right now it's such a sharp break from what it has been -- and quite an immodest name -- that it feels weird.

  3. HOK Sport ~ Populous... I would guess there are other internationally know firms as well.

    I know there is a another firm here in KC that it has worked for (they changed their name when they merged with another medium size firm).

  4. In the case of Populous, the name relates to what they do -- environments for crowds, not just stadiums -- not who they are, as in th e case of Ennead. The latter makes sense in its symbolism on the various designers in the firm...would have been interesting to do an anagram of ennead instead, refer to the deities but be creative with it. Andeen? Maybe not so interesting...

  5. In an economy like the one we're in I would think the money dumped into renaming (letter head , business cards, mailers, etc...) would be financially irresponsible.

    Has Polshek (or Andeen or Ennead?) not had lay-offs or pay cuts like the rest of the firms in the USA?

  6. They have a pretty diverse portfolio, so I think they've been lucky so far.


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